Our Clients

Exeva has successfully delivered over 80 engagements since its inception, some of which are recurrent assignments. A sample description of some of assignments are below:

1. Client: Investment Company – Task: Strategic Review & 5-Year Strategic Plan

An investment company owned by 23 shareholders had accumulated substantial capital. The members considered that the company had achieved the threshold to move into faster and more visible growth. Exeva was retained to review the governance and organizational structures of the institution. Exeva also reviewed the company’s past strategies and its future positioning.

On the back of the review, a 5-year strategic plan was prepared that should see the company grow shareholder wealth 10-fold. The strategic plan will involve putting in place appropriate governance frameworks, staffing and execution of the strategy to deliver the desired results. Exeva also devised a monitoring and evaluation plan for the investment company that would leverage on technology.

2. Client: Manufacturing Company – Task: Confectionary Factory

A leading agro-based processor based in Western Kenya intends to bolt-on to the existing portfolio of business by extending activities into confectionary processing.

Exeva assisted the client estimate the size of the market, together with the technical team, worked out the cost of the investment and prepared detailed financial projections for the project including income statement, statement of financial position and the cash flow statement. Exeva also undertook investment analysis of the project that demonstrated that it is highly financially viable.

3. Client: Agricultural Investor – Task: Feasibility Study and Financial Projections

A large investor in the agricultural sector was planning to set up an irrigated farm that would eventually cover 20,000 acres of land. Exeva assisted the investor carry out a market study of the project and working with the technical team, estimated its costing.

Exeva then prepared detailed financial statements undertook investment analysis of the project. Finally, Exeva prepared a detailed report of the project that was used to raise debt-financing for the project.

4. Client: Financial Services Niche Player – Task: Strategic Planning & Preparation of 5-Year Projections

A niche player in the financial services sector retained part of the Exeva team to advise in preparing the client’s 5-year strategic plan. The process involved review of the external environment, internal dynamics, possible future scenarios, and brainstorming workshops. Eventually, well-considered strategic choices were determined on how the business will be grown in the future.

Following the completion of the strategic plan and its adoption by the Board of the company, the Exeva team were further asked to prepare financial projections for 5 years. The projections were prepared and also approved by the company’s Board.

Exeva is currently engaging with the customer to implement a cutting-edge corporate performance management system to democratize planning even more, monitor performance on real-time basis, enable robust visualization of performance through charting and graphing and deliver business intelligence to all stakeholders in the institution.

5. Client: Manufacturing Company – Task: Business Valuation and Restructuring Advisory

A manufacturing company in the cosmetics space had gained a lot of traction after only 2 years of existence. The shareholders intended to estimate the value of the company to inform change of shareholding with the final view to invite more external capital to grow the company.

Exeva has undertaken the valuation of the company and recommended a process of restructuring the shareholding. Exeva has since been retained to work with the client in implementing the process of restructuring the shareholding that will lead to bringing in new capital.

6. Client: County Government – Task: Preparation of 5 Year Development Plan

We supported this county government in the end-to-end preparation of its integrated development plan. The process included review of the previous plan, interpretation of the governor’s manifesto for the next 5 years, public participation, research, compilation of the plan, obtaining public views on the plan and finalization of the plan.

7. Client: Government Owned Enterprise – Task: Transaction advisory

The state-owned enterprise had obtained funding from a multi-lateral lender to fund investments into green energy. A consortium including Exeva won the bid to advise the government -owned entertprise in structuring the investment as a public private partnership. In this role, we carried out technical, financial and operational feasibility of the planned mini-grids, prepared bidding documents, run the bidding process, identified the successful bidder, supported the government body with negotiation with the bidder to contract signing.

8. Client: Hotel – Task: Outsourced accounting

We provide outsourced accounting services to this medium-sized hotel on our technology platform of choice. In this role, we provide book-keeping and financial management support to the hotel and generate business analytics and financial reporting regularly.

9. Client: Water Processor Task: Financial audit

We provide financial audit services to this water processing business. The audit undertaken in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and reporting according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which is the reporting framework in Kenya and Kenya company law.

10. Client: Consulting Firm Task: Tax advisory

We provide tax services to this advisory company. The services include monthly preparation of tax returns, annual filing of tax returns, advise on tax optimization including filing and claiming tax allowances for the company and the shareholders/partners.