Strategic plan preparation

We work closely with management to interpret external environment developments, internal dynamics and the organization’s vision to develop comprehensive programmes, projects and initiatives to deliver stated medium-term goals. Additionally, we translate these programmes, projects and initiatives into a coreherent set of financial statements. In some cases, we test the investment case of the strategic plan.

Strategic plan execution support

Why do strategies fail

If we assume that you are a competent manager and you have done a complete and clear strategic plan, your failure will only result from causes 4 to 7 which are all, execution failures. Time, money and effort has to be devoted to execution for strategic plans to achieve their objectives. Upon this realization, Exeva has developed software to support organizations in eliminating failures in strategy execution.

Some features of the software are:

  • Your Strategic Plan will now be available to all your staff at the “touch of a button”
  • You can visualize your strategy with dashboards.
  • Delegate objectives to the lowest level so that all your staff are engaged in executing the strategy with their “clear line of sight” objectives
  • Continuously review how engaged your staff are in executing the strategy by checking how often they are involved in updating their progress and the progress of the whole plan execution
  • Generate reports on execution of the strategic plan between given dates from the uploads of your staff
  • Automatically send alerts to remind all those responsible of when deliverables are due
  • Guarantee security of your data with strong password login requirements and continuous audit trails

Compilation of financial statements

Often, SMEs do not have the internal capacity to compile financial statements from source documents. We have supported a number of SMEs prepare their financial statements in readiness for audit from documents of original entry.

Transaction advisory

We support organizations crystallise objectives of a debt, equity or public private partnership (PPP) transaction, develop a strategy for successful close, prepare transaction documents, run a bidding process, identify successful partner and support the client in negotiations to close.

Feasibility studies

We work with clients to document the technical, financial and operational feasibility of a project and prepare a project memorandum to inform fundraising for the project.

Restructuring advisory

We support both borrowers and lenders identify options for resolving loans that face difficulty in servicing. Our approach reviews the industry, business and debt structure before proposing options for resolving the challenges.

Capacity building and training

We have developed and delivered a number of skilling courses to various audiences.

Outsourced accounting services for SMEs

We provide outsourced accounting services to SME clients. We review and recommend an appropriate bookkeeping system, support in transaction recording, carry out book entry into our cloud accounting system, generate relevant business analytics to support the management of the business in decision making, prepare tax returns and file them on i-Tax, generate periodic financial statements that may be needed by banks and for effective management.